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Why is our Training different? Because it's from the heart

Weekend Course Dates.

With Cliff and Sandy

Investment £200.00

The Weekend Workshop Course combines training with practical exercises. Participants work as a group and in pairs.

HNLP Neuro Linguistic Programming Training Certification (NLP). Accredited Practitioner and Diploma courses

HNLP Principle Training (Life Coach) two day course

Our 2 or 8 day NLP courses is for those who wish to discover some of the incredible NLP techniques. If you are a sports therapist, cognitive therapist, thinking about becoming a life coach or you are just a bit curious about NLP techniques then this NLP course is for you. The 2 day NLP course will give you insights into the world of Richard Bandler and John Grinder. I guarantee our exclusive NLP training courses will give you a new awareness of how the mind works and move you into the world of modeling excellence.Our NLP diploma, practitioner and hypnotherapy courses are all accredited.

Life Coaching Courses

Becoming a certified life coach is incredibly rewarding in many different ways.The NLP Practitioner and Diploma certified courses will give you the tools to help you and your clients find the changes desired.This exclusive NLP training(Life Coaching) gives you more than just the NLP techniques.

Dates for your 5 day Diploma on

7th-8th April

25th-26th-27th May

Investment £2000

Dates 8 day practitioner course

September 22nd/23rd

October 19th/20th/21st

November 16th/17th/18th

Investment £2500

What's the difference between the NLP Practitioners course and the NLP Diploma course?

The NLP Practitioner courses are over 8 days. You will experience the powerful techniques of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Synchronicity.These techniques are tools for life. The 5 day NLP Diploma courses look at the principles of NLP which does not include Hypnotherapy Training and Time Synchronicity. If you wish you can always add Hypnotherapy Training and Time Synchronicity to complete your NLP Practitioner course at a later date.All NLP training courses and Hypnotherapy courses are accredited.

Hypnotherapy Training and Time Synchronicity Training

Your Hypnotherapy Training and Time Synchronicity Training will be over 4 days.Your Hypnotherapy training will incorporate language patterns of Milton Erickson and experience how time language has a profound effect on our lives.


I was privileged to be a part of the leavers group at Parlex (Europe) Ltd who received NLP training from Cliff Partridge. None of us in the group knew what to expect from Cliff's training as the subject area was something of a mystery to begin with. However, Cliff's supremely genial style of presentation meant we warmed to him immediately and hung on to every word.

The two days with Cliff were the most interesting and rewarding training days I have ever spent. The information Cliff imparted was both novel and very useful. We all came away inspired and uplifted. As a qualified and experienced teacher myself I was unexpectedly inspired.

I would highly recommend Cliff as a perfect moral booster for anyone in this unfortunate situation. Cliff provided a much needed reassuring light and moral boost at this time of increasing darkness of impending redundancy.

Chris Wood, MBCS CITP IT Manager

I found the course very enjoyable and informative. Cliff was extremely well informed and put the information across in an understandable and interesting way. Thank you very much.

Mr M Harper

I found the course very insightful. It has given me more confidence just knowing I have the power to change my outcomes and look at life with a different prospective. The course was also enjoyable, interesting and fun. Mr Partridge is a good tutor and easily explains things.

Miss N Norris

Very informative. This helped me to recognize the boundaries I had put in place stopping me from achieving the results that I have wanted. I will definitely use NLP in my every day life to help me succeed in all my future endeavours.

Mr J Smyth

I really enjoyed the course and felt that I have learnt a lot about myself and how change is always possible. I would recommend the NLP course to all especially those having problems with confidence or other problems they feel stuck in.

Mrs J Goodwin

Life Coaching Courses

Becoming a certified life coach is incredibly rewarding in many different ways.The NLP Practitioner and Diploma certified courses will give you the tools to help you and your clients find the change desired.This exclusive NLP training(Life Coaching) gives you more than just the NLP techniques.

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  • When it comes to leadership skills /self development or wanting to become a life coach this affordable 2 day NLP workshop or 5-8 day Neuro linguistic Programming(NLP) diploma training course is for you. You will experience powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques (nlp) which will open the doors of change.

    How do I know this to be true ?

    I am the evidence of these powerful fundamental tools which have helped me in many areas of my life.

    After your training you will receive


    Why train with us ?

    Why Neuro Linguistic Programming ? (NLP) When you think about the reasons for attending this 2 or 5-8 day NLP course, how will you know that this is the right course for you?

    Our training guarantees self development/leadership skills and gives you the experience to become a life coach.If you are not convinced that you have made some personal changes by the end of the course,you will be refunded in FULL.

    What will you specifically learn and what will you gain from this course?

    Within your NLP course you will learn different levels of awareness which means new opportunities can begin to arise.

    How does Neuro Linguistic Programming work?

    NLP works by bringing all of your hidden potentials to the surface of your conscious mind.

    What if you do decide to come on our 2 day or 5-8 day NLP Practitioner course .

    How will your journey of self discovery and learning help you and others? You will begin to notice new possibilities of change in certain parts of your life.You will have these tools to become a life coach and use your leadership skills to create the outcome you desire.


    Means mind or neurology, which includes your nervous system. Your neurology is what holds your perception of your inner and outer worlds together. All the information from the outside world and the inside world goes through our senses.

    They are:


    The words we use are another map or representation of our inner and outer worlds. When we combine certain words (auditory) with internal movies, pictures, visualisations (visual) they create certain feelings (kinaesthetic) and maybe smells (olfactory) and tastes (gustatory); all of this generates a behaviour for us to go towards what we want or away from what we don't want.


    For us to achieve our goals in life we need to sequence our action.Neuro linguistic Programming uses principles modelled from people of outstanding excellence. All of us have the potential to create and achieve our goals. NLP techniques can begin to help you shine from within. Once you have a grasp on these new insights, you can become confident and find the results you want. Knowing how to be motivated means learning becomes easy and comfortable.

    Have you ever looked back and seen yourself in situations where you have said to yourself:

    Here are some of the topics we will cover during your (NLP) Neuro linguistic Programming training (Life coach))

    Does any of the above appeal to you? Call me for more details.

    Being in control of your responses will begin to change your inner and outer worlds for you to become a life coach.Having these leadership skills means, having a different perception, you can begin to consider other choices. This will also help you develop your mind, body and spirit.

    Richard Bandler and John Grinder laid the foundations of Neuro linguistic Programming by originally studying in detail the thinking skills of incredibly skilled and talented therapeutic wizards, Virginia Satir, Fritz Pearls and Dr Milton Erickson.

    Bandler and Grinder made a precise and clear model for each of them and out of that came the discipline known as NLP.

    How can NLP help you?

    As our life experiences are completely unique to ourselves, we all hold what is known in NLP as maps of reality. In other words, we have collected information as we go through the adventure of life, and all that information is stored in our mind and we believe that our experiences are true. These Maps make us who we are today. NLP looks at the structure of these maps and how they are held together. Neuro linguistic Programming addresses the structure of subjectivity in describing the process of how we use our neurology, which includes our nervous system, to create our Model of the World.

    HNLP Neuro linguistic Programming Trainings

    An example of beliefs

    Not once upon a time, not twice upon a time, but thrice upon a time a little girl asked her mum why she always cooked the stew in two pots? Because, you see, the little girl was very curious.

    Mum said, "I have always cooked the stew that way."

    "But why?" said the little girl.

    "Because that's the way my mum always cooked the stew."

    The little girl said, "Can you ask grandma why she uses two pots to cook the stew?"

    Mum replied, "You cook it in two pots because it gives it more individual flavours."

    "Okay", said the little girl, "but can you still ask grandma why she uses two pots?"

    "Yes, yes, yes. I will!"

    Two weeks had passed and the little girl asked her mum on several occasions about the two pots.

    "I will ask her next time". Her mum promised. Of course, being busy, mum forgot.

    On Sunday afternoon the whole family were invited round for a winter stew. When the little girl heard the news her face light up with joy. As they sat around the dinner table on that chilly winter's day, the little girl quietly asked her mum to ask grandma about the two pots.

    "Yes I will, but I know what the answer will be." She turned to her mother, "Mum, Alice would like to know why you use two pots when you make your special stew? I told her you do it because it gives the stew the individual flavours, but I don't think Alice believes me."

    Grandma turned and smiled and then laughed out loud.
    "What's so funny grandma?" asked Alice.

    "The only reason I used two pots was I did not have one that was big enough!"

    Cliff Partridge
    HNLP Trainer
    NLP Master Practitioner

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